Today in the city Thiruvananthapuram 20.10.2018

Weather in the city Thiruvananthapuram for week

20/10/2018 Day's temperature: 25°C

легкий дождь
t° max: 25°C  t° min:25°C

Humidity: 100%, Pressure:1021.78

21/10/2018 Day's temperature: 27.73°C

t° max: 27.73°C  t° min:24.92°C

Humidity: 100%, Pressure:1023.22

22/10/2018 Day's temperature: 28.36°C

t° max: 28.36°C  t° min:26.1°C

Humidity: 98%, Pressure:1022.16

23/10/2018 Day's temperature: 28.64°C

легкий дождь
t° max: 28.64°C  t° min:26.35°C

Humidity: 98%, Pressure:1021.97

24/10/2018 Day's temperature: 28.2°C

легкий дождь
t° max: 28.2°C  t° min:26.84°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:1021.3

25/10/2018 Day's temperature: 28.43°C

легкий дождь
t° max: 28.43°C  t° min:26.52°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:1021.03

26/10/2018 Day's temperature: 28.83°C

t° max: 28.83°C  t° min:26.76°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:1022.73

27/10/2018 Day's temperature: 29.22°C

t° max: 29.22°C  t° min:26.7°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:1023.46

28/10/2018 Day's temperature: 29.67°C

t° max: 29.67°C  t° min:27.22°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:1023.36

29/10/2018 Day's temperature: 29.72°C

легкий дождь
t° max: 29.72°C  t° min:27.6°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:1022.06

Weather in the city Thiruvananthapuram the week
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